I’ll admit it, I love baby keepsake crafts.  My baby is 19 months now and since she was 6 weeks old I’ve been trying new keepsake crafts.  They are only little for a little while.  I want to have as many keepsakes as I can to look back on and remember how little she really was.  These also make great gifts to loved ones from your little one.

 In no way am I a good painter.  I love doing crafts but oftentimes they do not come out how I initially pictured them. But one day, I found Unikks Jewelry online, I was surprised that I could find a great gift there, yes! baby handprint/footprint jewelry!

Who doesn’t love their little ones' tiny hands and feet, know you can look back at them forever with this easy hand and foot jewelry.  This jewelry is not only good for infants but also for young children.  It makes a great gift for parents and special people in that child’s life