Second stop: Asia    Coordinates: China     Time: November 2017

As we all know, China is a country that knows how to use silver. Since ancient times, smart  Chinese people knew that silver can be used as medicine, acupuncture, and even for testing poisons. Of course, the drug testing only appeared in the ancient court aristocrats, and civilians rarely touched it, after all, silver is a  kind of precious metal. But I did not care about these, because Chinese silver jewelry attracted me even more.

In November 2017, most parts of China had become very cold. This time, I went to Yungui, the southwestern part of China, because there are many people who can make a lot of beautiful jewelry with silver.

Miao: The silver jewelry of Miao women is the most colorful. Almost all silver jewelry can be found in the Miao people. It is even more amazing to pay special attention to the silver jewelry on the head.

Dong: There are many kinds of silver jewelry for Dong women, such as head flowers, silver badges, earrings, collars, necklaces, chest pendants, silver clothing pieces, silver bubbles, bracelets, rings, etc. Young men also bring collars, bracelets, and silver Cigarette cases and silver crowns.

Yi: The decorations are mainly made of silver. Both men and women wear earrings, bracelets, and rings, especially earrings. Men wear only the left ear, women wear both ears. Women often wear necklaces and small silver bubbles on their clothes.

When you go to the festival of  Chinese ethnic minorities and see the girls singing and dancing in full sets of glittering silver jewelry, you will feel that they are the richest and happiest people in the world, because of the silver ornaments warm them.

The above is only a small part of Chinese silver jewelry. I walked in China for 26 days and found that Chinese silver jewelry has an endless story. Silver jewelry in ethnic minorities has a mysterious color. It is too long to write,  I will focus on writing a chapter about China's silver jewelry when I have the opportunity.