It was a summer when I remembered a word: silver, a metal with a warmth. Because of that word, I started to get interested in silver and silver jewelry, it was a strong interest, even crazy - I searched a lot of information about silver from the Internet, and after a month I quit my job and traveled around the world, I went anywhere that had silver, in order to learn more about this "warm" metal. Of course, I only chose cheap airfare to places that weren't expensive - I was a poor girl after all.

First stop: Europe, coordinates. Greece, Time: September 2016


It was Sunday and I couldn't wait to take a taxi to the museum with my luggage when I landed. It was a good time and the driver told me that the Greek Museum is free to visit on the first Sunday of every month. I got to the museum before it opened and I planned to spend the day there for the silver jewelry.

The artistic ingenuity of the Greeks can be seen in the ancient artifacts. Since the time of Minos, silver jewelry has been the best accessory for people and a local product with a unique Greek style. Most of the silver ornaments were handmade by local artisans. Over time, the beauty is hard to describe in words. It would be best to share photos with you, but the museum does not allow photography.

The next day, I took a walk through the streets of Athens. I was amazed to find that the museum was full of replicas of the jewelry shops with an ethnic feel. Photos we could only find out from the replicas. You can see that the appearance is not much different from the relics.

Pure materials, creative designs, superb craftsmanship,  dazzle in the sun, and the unique warmth of silver we can feel.