No matter when, time spent with family is worth every second. During this uncertain period, time spent together at HOME is worth every moment together. At Unikks, during this time, we believe that it is important to shed inspiration to other families throughout the Unikks community and all over the world.

We have held a Together at Home Contest with the purpose of children to draw a picture of their experience being at home with their families.

The contest was held throughout our Unikks communities across the globe and we received the most amazing and creative drawings that we could possibly imagine! The winners were picked at random and won our Personalized Art Piece which their drawing was printed on; eternalizing the children’s artwork.

A huge thank you to all of our contestants. We are here to remind you to make every day mean more, create happy reminders, good things are ahead, and we are stronger together now more than ever. In this world of uncertainty, there’s one thing we know for sure here at Unikks, let’s never stop making memories together.