Due to the impact of COVID-19, everyone stayed at home for safety,watching movies was one way to kill time. Under the recommendation of a friend, I watched the movie "Hachiko: A Dog's Tale" three times and was moved every time, I learned more about the emotional relationship between people and pets. Once the relationship was established, it can never be let go.

The background of the story is that the United States has not wars for more than 100 years. Hachiko, as a pet companion for human emotional comfort, to show that a pet is indispensable for people's daily companionship.

After the death of Professor Parker who adopted it that the story began to show a touching force-Hachiko still insisted to wait for Parker to return home. The dog's life is simple and stubborn, the patience even beyond humans-waiting at the station where the owner once appeared every day, this is the most ordinary and simple shot, but it can leave tears that I have never felt.

 After watching this movie, I  wanted to raise a dog who is like a family-like Hachiko stay with me forever! I told my idea to our Unikks designers, and I hope the designers can help me and turn this idea into a fact-so, pet series that appeared in our Unikks.

While I am grateful to our Unikks designers, I especially thank our guests for their trust in Unikks. They gave us the pet to design and produce jewelry with confidence. Like me, I feel that my Hachiko is always with me.